Feed Your Inner Geek With This Star Wars Electronic Helmet with Voice Distortion

We like to let people live the life that makes them happiest, but some people have seriously weird hobbies. You don’t have any dangerous vices, but when you see a piece of Star Wars history, you’ve just gotta get your hands on it. It’s cool, we don’t judge. Instead, we’ll bring you this Star Wars Electronic Helmet with Voice Distortion to put a gold star on your Lucas-inspired bounty.

Nerds, here’s your chance to splurge on something that you never knew you needed. This is an authentic Stormtrooper helmet replica, so you can cosplay even when there’s no convention in sight (or wear it to the convention and make all of the other nerds a little jealous). Inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it’s totally realistic looking and reads just like the helmet would on the big screen.

Whether you have a big head, a small head, or a friend who can’t keep their hands to themselves, the helmet has an adjustable strap to fit most ages from eight and beyond. With just two AA batteries you can live all of your best Star Wars dreams in real time (or until the batteries die, in which case go ahead, replace them, and resume the fun).

If it’s just a helmet, what would it need batteries? Simple question, geeks everywhere! This helmet also includes voice distortion technology. With one press of a button, the helmet turns you from a regular old human to an ultra-sleek Stormtrooper. If we’re being honest, your Star Wars collection simply can’t be complete without this helmet in your possession. Even George Lucas would agree (maybe, we can only hope he’d be down to come see some of your memorabilia).

Get the Star Wars Electronic Helmet with Voice Distortion for $79.99 (Reg. $134).

Prices subject to change.


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