This Light Is Perfect For People Looking to Give heir Home a Pop of Color

A lot of us spent quite a bit of time and money buying things we didn’t necessarily need since March 2020, meaning there’s a lot of bitter betty types out there wishing that they would have spent the money saved from commuting in a wiser fashion. You? Oh, you went ahead and took advantage of stupid low interest rates and splurged on a new pad or redoing your old one. Congrats! Take this time to start making it homier and less shell-like with some serious decor like this Protean Color Changing Wall Light.

So, ready to add a bright pop of color to any room in the house? Of course you are, because the last 15 months have been nothing but staring at your dim, white wall wondering what in world we did to deserve this type of isolation (sorry to get dark, it’s been rough on all of us). Not only is The Protean Color Changing Wall Light a good boost of serotonin, but it’s minimalist with a punch. The high-efficiency LEDs will last you up to 50,000 hours, which is perfect for late-night dance parties, a rave before bedtime, or giving that Zoom conference a kick in the teeth (if you get sent to HR, we deny any responsibility). The remote allows you to pick your mood from over 16 million color options, including a dimmable option for when you’re feeling a little more zen than zany. Toggle, switch modes, adjust brightness, and even go through the automatic color cycle with just a push of a button on the smart remote. Using this baby will ensure you’re recessed lighting has seen its final, harsh, demanding days.

Need it for when social distancing is over and your friends are ready to party? Great! This baby is perfect for a full shindig, seeing as it’s shatterproof and water-resistant. You can attach this bad boy to your wall, the ceiling, or just leave it as a floor light–any way you Protean is the perfect way.

Get the Protean Color Changing Wall Light, which includes the remote control and hanging kit, for $84.95 (Reg. $139).

Prices subject to change.


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