music sync light

Party Hardy at Home With This Music Sync Light

There is no better time to stay home in your jim-jams and become one with your couch than right now. Nothing projects house gremlin vibes quite like only coming out of your abode for food and booze. And yet, there’s something so endearing about having fun at home, especially when you invite all of your pals over to do the same thing. Liven up any party (even the no-pants parties) with this Music Sync Light.

Okay, here’s the bright idea with this light. Great for any party room, an office that needs a centerpiece, or your boomie roomie for your dog who’s afraid of fireworks but still wants some flare, this light features eight colors to choose from and 10 light modes. This is essential for those of us who have ever-revolving and evolving anxiety about literally everything. It ensures you’re covered by color no matter what the occasion.

If the party becomes too much, just adjust the brightness for your needs. This way your reading light and rave light can be one in the same. Speaking of raving, the light also includes light sync mode, which enables you to set the color change to the rhythm of your voice or music, so your untz untz untz has a surprise addition.

The light is controlled by remote, but if you need another way to get the party started, just use the included app to do everything the remote commands. That way you never have to pull apart couch cushions if you’re sitting in the dark. Chances are you’re already scrolling anyway, so a few clicks and flicks won’t be too hard. And, with a 6-foot cord length, this light can fit in any space big or small, since an outlet won’t be that far away from the plug.

Get the Music Sync Light, which includes a remote control, manual, and tool kit, for $140.99 (Reg. $149).

Prices subject to change.