Lock Your Bike Up the Smart Way With This Via Velo Premium Bike Lock

Whether you’re environmentally conscious, looking to lose that quarantine 15, or just generally enjoy the wind beneath your seat more than getting in your car to commute, biking has become more prevalent than ever before. And, since you’ve been looking for good, healthy, most certainly not dangerous excuses to get out of your house, finding time to hop one the old six-speed is closer than you think. Now to take quick inventory on the essentials: sick bike? Check. Helmet? Check. Knee pads? Check. Bike lock? No? Okay, we’ve got you covered on that. Check out this Via Velo Premium Bike Lock before you hit the open road.

Alright biker bros and babes, here’s what you get: not only is the Via Velo weather, dust, dirt, heat, water, and rust resistant, but it includes an LED-lit multifunctional key, to make night stow and go situations a little easier to maneuver. The lock is made with strong steel and PVC, so it protects your wheels from even the strongest of bad guys looking to snatch your ride.

The lock connects directly to your bike for easy storage, so you never have to wonder where the hell you put that thing; it’s always right in the center of your bike where you left it. And, for those of us who are smart enough to lock our bikes but lose sight of what’s really important (AKA the code),this deal also comes with three keys for easy locking and unlocking. It also comes with a replacement code-enabled key, so you can create a new code for your lock at any time. Bikers have no choice but to applaud their new best buddy in all things travel.

Ready to get going the safe way? Get the Via Velo Premium Bike Lock for $53.99 (Reg. $59).

Prices subject to change.