Need a Sweet New Way to Get Your Smoke on? Try The Twisty Glass Mini Pipe

In 2021, when everything is just one dumpster fire after another, everyone’s got their own way of chilling the hell out. For some of us, “therapy” is an awesome way to get some sweet release, for others, it’s joining some wholesome team sports that could help ease stress. For you? You’re just down for a nice drag of some tobacco every now and then even though it’s burning a whole in your pocket (no seriously, you left that last one you were saving for later lit and now your pants are ruined). Say goodbye to overpriced cigarettes and hello to owning your own smoke with this Twisty Mini Glass Blunt Tobacco Pipe.

Ready to throw away the messy papers and stray away from the hassle of rolling your own cigs? Using this bad boy is easy: just pack and unprecedented 1.5 grams of tobacco in, twist the screw, light, and boom, you’re on your way to having a perfectly smooth smoke instantaneously. The pipe is made with an ultra-thick two millimeter pice of glass, so you’ll always have a nice pull ready to go. If you need to give your blunt a good clean, it’s no sweat to just unscrew the bubber adapter and get a good wash in for a clean burn every time.

The best part of it all? It’s compact and ready to go. That means no more bulky cartridges, no more cartons that find their way into the wash unbeknownst to you, and definitely no more freeloaders asking to bum a smoke off of you because they know you’re good for it (which, let’s be honest, you always are, being nice to a fault is kind of your thing). Just you, your pipe, and a fine pull every time.

Just a heads up: we do realize it’s legal to use one of these for other purposes in some states, but this blunt should only be used with tobacco products. Don’t ruin a good time for everyone by being dumb.

Over the age of 21? Get the Twisty Mini Glass Blunt Tobacco Pipe for $17.95 (Reg. $49).

Prices subject to change.