The PocketGuitar Is the Most Portable Instrument to Ever Exist

Despite the internet’s tendency to mock people who play guitar in the park, the truth is if you get the timing right and mood right, a talented guitar player can turn any moment magical. In fact, they don’t even have to be talented guitarists! People actually have more fun singing along to Sublime and Oasis than they do Rush and Frank Zappa. The only problem? Guitars are big, bulky, and expensive.

The PocketGuitar Bluetooth-Enabled AI Guitar, on the other hand, is small, sleek, and only $34.95 (normally $40) during this special deal. But what is it? It looks like it’s just a pick, how is this a guitar?

The AI Guitar is a portable virtual instrument designed primarily to teach you rhythm. After syncing it with your phone, you can select different chords to play in the Aeroband app, and then hit the notes by plucking the invisible strings with the pick, which communicates with barely any latency. 

One neat benefit is the fact that the portable guitar doubles as a foot sensor, and can be combined with PocketDrum to learn the proper foot-tapping rhythm necessary that’s necessary for drumming. It’s two functions in one, and can be a great way to keep up practice with either instrument if they aren’t available for whatever reason–say because you’re traveling, living in an apartment with strict noise regulation, or hiding from a masked killer in a closet holding your breath with your eyes clenched tight in fear. Any time’s a good time to practice.

Naturally, the PocketGuitar can’t and won’t replace normal instrument playing, but it’s still a fun little toy that can be layered over other guitar playing or serve as training wheels for someone who isn’t quite ready to invest the money in the real instrument, since there isn’t a guitar in the world that you should pay $34.95 for.

Prices subject to change.