Relive the Drunkest of Days With This Mini Flip Cup Set

Call it what you want—pandemic pod, quarantine crew, Covid squad, coronavirus club, bubble—that small group of people you’ve been socializing with all year is running out of ways to stay entertained. So why not try reliving your glory days? No, not any day of 2019. The greatest time of your lives was definitely those four years of complete debauchery, the college years. Teleport back into the era when life wasn’t wasted while you were getting wasted, with this Mini Flip Cup Set.

Set up just like regular flip cup, but with drink sizes to match the number of people you should be playing with, this game of skill uses little flinger flips instead of the nuanced flick of the wrist you mastered in your dorm room. The board can be used just about anywhere—on a coffee table, on the floor, or even in bed if you’ve reached epic 2020 heights of laziness—and is super easy to carry around. It’ll be perfect for whenever it is that we can, like, see more than three people again.

This Mini Flip Cup Set, which includes the wooden game board, 8 flippers, 4 rubber feet, and 20 reusable cups usually runs for $49 and was on sale for $39.99, but you can get it for an extra 20% off to celebrate the new year for $31.99 with coupon code HOLIDAY20.

Prices subject to change.

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