Warm Your Cold, Dead 2020 Heart With This 2-in-1 Space Heater

You’ve adjusted well enough to working from home by now, but you’re still discovering new things about your living space—like how absolutely freezing it is. Who insulated this place, anyway? There are two options in this scenario: you could burn down your house, collect the insurance money, and buy an abode that was properly built, or you could just invest in a seriously convenient space heater. The Värme Portable Air Heater with Detachable Hand Warmer does double duty and is an extra 20% off to ring in the new year with coupon code HOLIDAY20.

This Scandinavian-style little guy packs a punch, as it provides heat straight to the face in three seconds. And, while the warmth the Värme gives off is booming, the sound is not. It’s only about 56.9dB, which, in layman’s terms just means it’s super-duper quiet. Need some extra coziness? The disc in the center of the heater pops out and becomes a roasty-toasty hand warmer that lasts for up to an hour at around 122°F. Bring it to the office (AKA the upstairs bedroom), the gym (AKA your basement), or anywhere you need to be not suffering from frozen fingers. And, since quarantine has probably melted your brain into mush, the Värme turns off automatically after 4 hours or if it tips over.

Get the Värme Portable Air Heater with Detachable Hand Warmer for $67.99 (reg. $99) with coupon code HOLIDAY20 for a limited time.

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