Here’s a Drum Kit That Teaches You to Play Without Disturbing Your Neighbors

TL; DR: Learn to play drums noiselessly with this virtual kit at a 15% savings.

Ever seen someone pretending to play a drum in public, but it’s just them moving imaginary drumsticks in mid-air? Well, add some actual sticks, and they could be practicing their skill on a Freedrum virtual drum kit.

Still not sure what we’re talking about? So, this really cool Swedish company created a product called Freedrum, which is basically the most affordable way to learn to play the drums anywhere and anytime. And it’s noise-free.

A noiseless drum may seem counterintuitive, but playing a real drum can be a big problem for people who live in apartment buildings, have roommates, or tend to like playing in the wee hours of the morning. Don’t let your living situation put a damper on your desire to learn to play or practice your solo. Freedrum lets you rock in a silent and portable way, and right now it’s on sale, making it more accessible than ever to finally teach yourself to play the drums.

How does the Freedrum work? It features a set of four sensors that provide a realistic imitation of a 12-piece drum kit. With the supporting app, set up and personalize your kit over 10 zones. Then use it with other software, and even connect it with MIDI over Bluetooth. Attach the sensors to your drum sticks and feet, and you’re ready to go! With a rechargeable battery, you could play for up to 14 hours (though your arms might need a rest).

The Freedrum Complete Smart Drum Kit normally sells for $235 but is on sale for a limited time at $199, a savings of 15%.

Prices subject to change.

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