This Genius Face Mask Doubles as Bone Conduction Headphones And Is Perfect for Working Out

TL; DR: Stay germ-free while listening to music and making calls on the go with this $84.99 Bone Conduction Audio Mask.

Before 2020, face masks were basically just that and not much else, but this year they’ve been upgraded to workout gear, 3D-printed pieces of art and even bone conduction tech gadgets. If you’re going to have a mask on most of the time, then make it something cool and super functional like this Bone Conduction Audio Mask by Vivzone.

This isn’t just a regular mask, it’s a high-tech gadget that’s got Bluetooth technology to let you listen to music, pick up calls and listen to real-time navigation while you play sports or work out. It also doubles as a covering for your face, with an ultra-fine filter that’s dust-resistant and keeps you safe from nasty germs and bacteria.

Here’s what’s really cool about this mask: It features a Bone Conduction speaker that’s inbuilt, so you don’t have to plug in your earbuds or headphones when you’re out. This is great because it doesn’t just free up your ears, it also reduces the impact of those loud sound gadgets on your eardrums. You’ll even be able to hear your friends speaking to you while you listen to your music, which is great too.

The Bone Conduction Audio Mask is also rechargeable. Before you start having doubts about one more gadget you’d need to charge, it’s interesting to know that this one lasts up to seven hours after a single charge, which is enough time for a jog, a hike, and even a bike ride to the grocery store and back.

There’s nothing standing between you and this cool upgrade to your face mask collection, especially not the price. The Bone Conduction mask is available at a 14% discount, so you can get it for $84.99 instead of $99. It feels great to say things like ‘I’m wearing a Bone Conduction mask,’ and have a couple of people reply, ‘A what?

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