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Boost Your Excel Skills With This 6-Course Training Bundle That’s Just $34

You know that one coworker who makes those crazy-impressive Microsoft Excel files? The multi-sheet ones with the functionality you didn’t even know existed? They make you and your three-column spreadsheets look painfully mediocre. You could be bitter, rolling your eyes behind the screen—or you could learn all their tricks. Since you’re stuck at home with time on your hands, isn’t now the best opportunity to give your Excel skills the boost they need?

If you’ve already got the basics of the ubiquitous software on lock, that’s great. But having more advanced knowledge of all things Excel can help you break down large chunks of data to make informed business decisions—and that can make you way better at your job, putting you on the right path for things like promotions and raises. If that sounds up your alley, then the Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is your perfect guide. The bundle is divided into six courses that’ll give you all the training you need on creating worksheets, data design and analysis, and so much more.

This package basically compresses months of Excel training into 447 short-but-comprehensive lessons that you can go through in a few weeks and at a much more affordable cost. You’ll not only learn how to take your spreadsheet game to the next level, but you’ll also be introduced to the endless possibilities that exist within the world of Excel: creating graphs and charts, data visualization, modeling data using Power Query and Power Pivot, working with macros, and all sorts of Excel wizardry.

All the skills you pick up from this 33-hour bundle will make a nice addition to your resume and nudge you in a career-improving direction. The six courses have a total value of $945, but the Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is currently on sale for $33.99. With an amazing 96% discount, there’s nothing standing between you and your plans to become the next Excel guru at work before summer’s end.

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