The 6 Most Visually Insane 4k Movies To Watch At Home (If Your TV Can Handle It)

In case you didn’t notice, the weather outside is turning proper Barnaby Joyce ugly recently, meaning staying and watching movies season is well and truly here. However, this being 2016, it’s no longer enough to just rent a DVD and throw it on your shitty discount TV set. No, this is the future, and the future is all about 4k Blu-Rays baby… well that and Samsung’s SUHD range of ultra high-definition TVs. IMAX, eat your heart out.

A cinephile’s wet dream and holy grail all wrapped up into one, the new Samsung SUHD TV has arrived just in time for Australian movie lovers, by which I mean there are finally more than just a handful of 4k movies available for sale, hire and streaming. But as with all great variety, comes great indecision, which is why we are here.

So in the interest of guiding your troubled minds through the heady waters of ultra-high definition movie viewership, here is our list of The 6 Most visually Insane 4K Movies To Watch At Home (If Your TV Can Handle It)… brought to you by Samsung, the world’s no.1 selling TV brand for 10 years.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

A sleeper hit, Kingsman‘s slick take on the spy thriller is full of sumptuous action scenes to put your new TV through its paces. And while you might want to get a set of surround sound speakers as well to fully enjoy silver fox Colin Firth’s charming British accent, with the 4k version playing on your SUHD TV you sure as hell won’t be missing out of Taron Egerton’s dashing good looks andchiseledd body.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is out now on 4k Blu-Ray.

Life Of Pi

There aren’t many directors out there who can claim greater mastery of visual bombast than Ang Lee. Wowing audiences with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon‘s lush visual style – his painting-come-to-life cinematography proving kung-fu movies can be high art – he was a natural choice to bring to the screen Yann Martel’s larger than life story to the screen.

Telling the tale of a boy who has to survive alone in a life boat with a live Bengal tiger after the ship carrying his family and the animals from their zoo sinks in the Pacific, Lee outdoes himself when it comes to the visual detail in this film, it’s lush landscapes and ocean vistas being a massive relief from the grey downpour outside our windows.

Life Of Pi is out now on 4k Blu-Ray.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Bryan Singer’s glorious time traveling return to the franchise he started back in 2000, X-Men: Days Of Future Past was one of the most incredible cinematic experiences of 2014, and I am quivering in my panties to see it in 4k. From the amazing super-speedster Quicksilver’s daring high speed rescue of Magneto, to the insane final showdown on the Whitehouse lawn, if it’s visual bombast you are looking for, this film has it in spades. Not to mention a healthy dose of broody babe-cakes Michael Fassbender, James McEvoy and Hugh Jackman all in outrageous 70s fashion.

X-men: Days Of Future Past is out now on 4k Blu-Ray.

The Maze Runner

One of the strongest of all the young adult fiction adaptations so far (although the less said about the sequel the better) The Maze Runner has plenty gong on visually to get you on the edge of your seat while putting your TV through the paces. From the huge moving mechanized maze of the title, to the techno-organic killing machines that patrol it, director Wes Ball beautifully realised author James Dashner’s crumbling dystopian vision of the future, making this a perfect popcorn flick for a wet weekend at home.

The Maze Runner is out now on 4k Blu-Ray.

The Lego Movie

After the huge disappointments that were Transformers and G.I. Joe, expectations for film franchises built off children’s toys were very, very low. Well, The Lego Movie sure as hell changed that, offering up a dazzling visual world full of diverse characters and settings, made all the more believable and enjoyable by the films strong sense of humour and characterisation. Plus, it has an awesome cameo from Will Ferrell.

The Lego Movie is out now on 4k Blu-Ray.

San Andreas

Of course San Andreas was going to be on the list, I mean, what better way to enjoy a brand spanking new Samsung SUHD TV that watching Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dodge falling buildings, out-manoeuvre a tsunami and, of course, rescue his family, as a series of mega-earthquakes devastate California. I mean it’s worth watching in 4k just to check out The Rock’s bulging muscles, let alone all the crazy special effects and laws-of-physics-defying action.

San Andreas is out now on 4k Blu-Ray.

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