The Roku Premiere Delivers 4K Streaming For A Great Price

Photo: Roku

From video games to Blu-rays, 4K is slowly but surely taking over everything.  As more and more people upgrade their aging HDTVs, the next step in display resolution becomes ubiquitous. Of course, that’s not the only technology to become ubiquitous since 1080p became the standard. More and more people are foregoing traditional means and getting their entertaining through streaming services. Plenty of companies are providing solutions for folks who want the highest quality Bojack Horseman episodes, but 4K and HDR still demand a premium price. UHD movies are regularly $10 more than Blu-ray counterparts, and 4K set-top boxes share that price hike. Where there is expensive technology, there’s a gap in the market waiting to be filled. Enter Roku.

Today, Roku announced the Premiere and Premiere Plus. Starting at $40, this tiny solution includes pretty much exactly what you need to hook into high-quality Netflix broadcasts. Despite its small size, it packs a quad-core processor, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and support for digital surround sound. The Premiere Plus is a Walmart exclusive, combining Roku’s new box with a voice-activated remote that you can use to discover who Luiz Guzman is playing in the action movie you’re watching. Both packages also come with an HDMI cable in the box, which you’d think would be a requirement for this sort of thing, but it sadly is not.

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Even if you’re already rocking a Roku player, the company has news for you. To go with the focus on voice, they announced that the Google Assistant will be coming soon to the platform. With this option, you can control your Roku via your Android phone or any Google Home speakers you have around the house. If you happen to have a Roku TV, this will even extend out to volume control and turning it off after a long night of vegging on the couch.

Speaking of, both Amazon and Google offer similar 4K streaming solutions, and it might not be worth leaving those ecosystems if you’re already invested. The Roku Premiere undercuts those products by thirty bucks, but perhaps not for long. Amazon has already cut the price of their 4K Fire TV to match Roku. Time will only tell if those prices will become the new standard or just sale prices. Either way, it just goes to prove that competition is good for everyone.