The Sydney CBD Is About To Get A Pop Up Burger Joint In Tribute To In-N-Out Burger

Sydney’s own American fast food and burger fetishist Hashtag Burgers have just announced that from Wednesday 8th – Tuesday 21st June, the streets will run greasy with burger juice and liquid cheese as they open their In-N-Out Burger tribute pop up – called what else but Down-N-Out. Because we aren’t fat enough apparently.

Following on from their previous success bringing Down-N-Out to The Gladstone Hotel earlier this year, the Hashtag masterminds are teaming up with a former Mr. Crackles and Murray’s Craft Brewing Co head chef to give punters a full menu of In-N-Out ‘inspired’ dishes including shakes and even a secret menu.

And for those In-N-Out noobs reading this, “Animal Style” fries means slathered in liquid cheese and grilled onions. Served up as a side at the Gladstone event, trust us when we tell you this is well worth trying, although it might be a bit much for the faint of heart/high of cholesterol.

Redecorating the interior of George Street’s Sir John Young Hotel this time, and with a smooth mix of soul, funk, and hip-hop soundtracking proceedings, the Down-N-Out pop-up will be open daily between the above dates.

The guys have even added a proper Aussie twist on things by offering a range of craft beers from Murray’s Craft Brewing Co. This is hardly surprising though as we all know Australia has yet to find any activity that isn’t improved by beer, and eating greasy burgers sure as hell isn’t the place to start.

For more information on the secret menu click here and for more about the pop-up visit the Facebook event here.