Killer Mike Explains Why He Supports Bernie Sanders

Photo: Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images.

It almost seems years ago now that Killer Mike first threw his support behind Bernie Sanders and the press tittered at the odd couple pairing. Fast forward through a vitriolic primary season (on both sides of the political aisle), and Mike is not only still hanging in there with his support, he’s one of the few celebrity spokespeople who hasn’t made a complete ass of him or herself in support of their candidate (oh, Rosario…).

Listen to Mike explain why he supports Sanders as he ticks through issues of universal healthcare, the way police brutality and the targeting of black men has (de)volved in his lifetime, and the various rappers he’s engaged in conversation to try to bring them aboard the Bernie bandwagon.

“I’m like that nagging old lady on the block who’s talking to you about the election,” he says bluntly. Unfortunately, when pointing out that he thinks Bernie will do what President Obama couldn’t, Mike doesn’t explain (and the interviewer doesn’t ask) how Bernie plans to circumvent an obstructionist congress. He does, however, surgically disembowel the interviewer’s insistence that rap stars have been especially negligent in their responsibilities to the political process. By the end of the interview, you wish Mike was running for office.