By The Numbers: The 142nd Kentucky Derby

The most exciting two minutes in sports is just hours away. No, I’m not talking about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I’m talking about the Kentucky Derby.

The first leg of the triple crown is arguably the biggest party in sports. Sure, the actual race may begin at 6:30 p.m. EST Saturday, but the festivities at Churchill Downs starts long before.

In fact, Friday is ‘Kentucky Oaks Day,’ which is just another excuse to get hammered before race day. And there is a two-week Kentucky Derby Festival throughout Louisville that leads up to race weekend as well. 

The race is only 20 horses deep, but there will be 127,000 Mint Juleps served and over a half million beers consumed.

And what’s a horse race without betting?

According to WalletHub:

$194.3 million: The total dollar amount wagered on the 2015 Kentucky Derby, the most in history, with $154.3 million ultimately being paid on winning tickets.

Most Gambling-Addicted States?

Vegas and Jersey, and states where it’s easy to get bored.

  1. Nevada 
  2. South Dakota 
  3. Mississippi 
  4. Montana 
  5. Oklahoma 
  6. West Virginia 
  7. New Jersey 
  8. Oregon 
  9. Delaware 
  10. North Dakota


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Photo: Getty
Graphic: WalletHub