Skip Bayless Latest Personality To Leave ESPN During Exodus

It was announced Tuesday that ESPN personality Skip Bayless will be leaving the network after his contract is up later this summer.


Skip Bayless has decided to leave ESPN when his contract expires at the end of August. His final appearance on First Take will be the day after the NBA Finals conclude. We want to thank Skip for his many contributions to ESPN. His hard work and talent have benefited ESPN for 12 years.

Several online sources expect Bayless to join Fox Sports, which wouldn’t be surprising. Superstar Colin Cowherd left ESPN for Fox Sports last fall. However, what is surprising is the continuation of supreme talent the ‘mother ship’ continues to lose.

On top of the recent Bayless and Cowherd departures, Mike Tirico just announced he will be leaving for NBC Sports where he may get the opportunity to replace Al Michaels on “Sunday Night Football and Bob Costas as the go-to host for the Olympics.

Then, of course, there’s Bill Simmons, who is now at HBO, Jason Whitlock (again, at Fox Sports) and the non-renewal of Keith Olbermann.

Let’s also not forget Erin Andrews came over to Fox Sports after a lengthy tenure at ESPN.

Although ‘First Take’ can be a dreadful show, Bayless is a highly talented debater who will sorely be missed … Even if this was the biggest thing to ever happen to him…

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