Tom Jackson Is Reportedly Leaving ESPN

Tom Jackson appears to be the latest ESPN star to join the mass exodus of the network. 

The former Broncos star has been with ESPN since 1987, essentially tied to the hip with partner Chris Berman, winning seven Emmy Awards in the process. Berman is leaving after this upcoming NFL season, but now reports say Jackson will be leaving NFL Countdown and NFL Primetime first.


Multiple industry sources tell PFT that the decision has been made: Jackson won’t be coming back.

As one source explained it, ESPN’s decision to bring back Trent Dilfer after his contract had expired and it appeared he would leaving arose in part from Jackson’s decision to leave.

Jackson was the only remaining Sunday Countdown talent from last season. Mike Ditka, Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson are all gone. Their replacements:  Randy Moss, Matt Hasselbeck, and Charles Woodson.

As stated above, Trent Dilfer has been added as well now that Jackson may be leaving. No word yet as to whether or not Jackson may be leaving for another network or is retiring from broadcasting altogether. Either way, as one of the few great veterans on the network, he will be missed.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.

Photo: Getty