MC Devvo is Officially Retiring After Next Tour

MC Devvo, the satirical rapper/comedy character who first rose to fame through a web series on, has announced that he is officially retiring in September 2016. 

While most will remember Devvo from the early 2000s, with him being filmed by Salad Fingers creator David Firth for a mockumentary web series that followed him around on his uniquely depressing exploits, Devvo (or at least the man behind the famous Burberry cap) has managed to stay in character ever since then, playing a number of gigs, festivals and even successfully releasing his own book. 

However, all good things must come to an end, and so MC Devvo has now announced his retirement from music with a typically bizarre Eric Cantona/Robbie Savage analogy. Watch the announcement below:

Though Devvo has yet to announce his final tour before he hangs up his Lonsdale jacket, if that’s your sort of thing then expect to see dates announced on his official Facebook page which, in keeping with his character, now appears to be some halfway measure between your typical Facebook band page and The Lad Bible.

For those curious to see what Devvo has been doing with himself since they likely last left him back in the ’00s, here’s his latest music video for his track ‘Yorkshire Til I Die’:


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