Leaked Nintendo NX Controller Images are “Completely Fake”

Leaked images published yesterday that allegedly featured our first proper look at the Nintendo NX controller are fake, according to a trusted Nintendo insider.

Liam Robertson, an insider who has previously appeared on Did You Know Gaming? and Unseen64, reported on Twitter that a source within Nintendo of Europe has stated that the NX controller featured in the photos is a fake.

Robertson made the claim that a friend of his working for NoE has confirmed that the images were faked, and that the controller seen in them is not going to ship with the NX. 

Robertson added that the individual he spoke to is “a public figure” who knows “all about the NX,” adding: “There are SO few people right now who have access to legit NX prototype hardware. Take any ‘leaks’ like these with a huge pinch of salt.”

While Robertson’s claim is but one in a sea of similar claims, he has proven himself to be a trustworthy source when it comes to providing insider information in the past, so we’re inclined to believe him this time around, too. With that being said, Nintendo are inevitably remaining quiet about the alleged leaks, so we likely won’t find out for sure until the company decides to finally reveal their upcoming console.