Exclusive Preview | Harley Quinn # 26

For almost her entire existence, Harley Quinn has been defined by her relationship with the Joker. But after Harley Quinn # 25, Harley finally seems ready to put the Clown Prince of Crime behind her! With the aid of her Gang of Harleys, the original Harley Quinn staged a daring rescue from Arkham Asylum and she even gained the tacit approval of Batman himself!

But the Joker is a lot like a virus, and he’s not easy to shake. In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from Harley Quinn # 26, Harley’s dreams suggest that the Joker’s not quite done with her. Or at least her subconscious mind isn’t done with him! Harley’s greatest fears are manifested as she attempts to start a new chapter in her life.


Here’s DC’s solicitation text for Harley Quinn # 26:

“In the aftermath of her encounter with The Joker, Harley’s head is spinning, and she wants nothing more than to get back to her normal life…but she should know by now there’s no such thing! A new era in Harley’s life is beginning, and she has NO idea what’s coming at her!”

The husband and wife team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti wrote Harley Quinn # 26, with art by John Timms and Chad Hardin. Now, it’s time to check out two Harley Quinn # 26 covers by Conner and Alex Sinclair, and a Batman v Superman variant cover by Tony Harris!


Harley Quinn # 26 will be released on Wednesday, March 23.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics