Exclusive Preview | Poison Ivy # 3

In a new miniseries from DC Comics, Poison Ivy is turning over a new leaf. But if that’s true, then why are her new colleagues dropping like flies?

Dr. Pamela Isley has never been particularly fond of other people, but this series of murders has put her new life in jeopardy. This far, Poison Ivy has shown considerable restraint in dealing with these setbacks…but who knows how long Ivy will continue to hold herself back. In the last issue of Poison Ivy: Circle of Life and Death we discovered her motivation for rededicating herself to science: Poison Ivy has found a way to create two new human and plant hybrids. Batman’s botanical villainess is now a mother!

Unfortunately for Poison Ivy, there’s been another murder at her lab that could potentially lead back to her. In our exclusive preview from Poison Ivy: Circle of Life and Death # 3, the cops continue their investigation as Poison Ivy discovers more about her new offspring.


Here’s DC’s solicitation text from Poison Ivy: Circle of Life and Death # 3.

“As the murder investigation at the lab deepens, a new surprise awaits Poison Ivy in the form of the growing hatched sporelings! As these new lifeforms test the limits of their power, will they soon outgrow the need for their creator?”

Writer Amy Chu and artist Clay Mann are the primary creative team behind Poison Ivy: Circle of Life and Death. The third issue will be released in comic shops everywhere on Wednesday, March 15.

Photo Credit: All images provided by DC Comics