Sasha Baron Cohen Almost Gave Kevin Rudd A Lap Dance And Regrets Not Doing So

Sasha Baron Cohen has just finished up a Reddit AMA and during it revealed that one of his biggest regret was not something he did do but something he didn’t do – give a lap dance to the Australian Prime Minister.

You see, back in 2009, Kevin Rudd appeared on talk show Rove Live, not knowing when he agreed to go on the show that Sasha Baron Cohen was also going to be on there, in character as Austrian fashion reporter Brüno. 

“I’ve been in a state of induced panic,” Rudd told Rove on the show about appearing with Brüno but, against all odds, the show went pretty smoothly without any gags courtesy of Cohen. Apart from saying that Rudd was “so hot”. 

That’s not how it would’ve gone though had he followed through with what he planned to do. 

“I was doing Bruno, and I had a strip tease routine fully planned, including tearaway pants and this g-string,” he wrote on Reddit.

“And my intention was to lap dance the Prime Minister of Australia, and stick my crotch in his face. It would have been an international incident, and probably would have got me barred from Australia.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t work up the confidence to do it and was also “barred by his [Rudd’s] own security”. 

What a missed opportunity. 

Cohen is currently promoting his new film The Brothers Grimsby where he plays Nobby – a British football fan who is the brother of a top M16 assassin. 

You can watch Rudd and Brüno on Rove in 2009 below.

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