Paul McCartney Denied Entry to Grammys After Party Attended by Bow Wow

Paul McCartney’s the closest you’ll get to royalty in the music world, so if he wants to enter a building, you lay down a red carpet and you let him in. But while it’s common knowledge that being a former Beatle essentially gives you the keys to the world (unless you’re Ringo, in which case it gives you the keys to the world’s shed), a bouncer at one particular Grammy after party apparently didn’t get the memo, turning McCartney away at the door.

In a video obtained by TMZ, McCartney can be seen trying to enter rapper Tyga’s after party alongside the likes of Beck, only to be promptly rejected. McCartney responded to the awkward incident by shouting: “How VIP do we gotta get?” before turning to his friends, adding: “We need another hit, guys!” The whole event was preceded by TMZ’s lecherous reporter asking McCartney “What’s your favorite Rolling Stones song?” attempting to get a soundbite regarding a debate that stopped being even remotely interesting about 40 years ago. 

You’re probably now thinking “wow, that party must have been pretty exclusive if they wouldn’t even let Paul McCartney in,” but let me stop you right there because Bow Wow was allowed entry. The diminutive rapper was confronted after the after party by the same TMZ reporter regarding McCartney-Gate, leading to one of his entourage telling him that he should take it “as a compliment” that he was allowed in and McCartney was rejected, as though the bouncer actively compared McCartney to Bow Wow, before concluding that the men responsible for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Clubs Band and Doggy Bag respectively couldn’t possibly be contained within the same venue.

Bow Wow responded to McCartney’s rejection by saying: “Maybe it’s the fact that we are younger than Sir Paul and it’s a new generation… and we really club when we go out,” which is young-person-speak for “Dude’s old as fuck, he’d probably just wanna find a piano and play ‘Hey Jude’ until his bed time.” 

But regardless of the reasoning behind McCartney being denied access to Tyga’s after party, one thing is certain: this will definitely be the greatest story that this bouncer will ever be able to tell. Whenever his bouncer friends begin regaling tales of that time they denied a guy entry to a club who had a bag of cocaine as big as a newborn baby tucked into his sock, he’ll be able to reply: “Yeah, well, I once turned Paul McCartney away at the door… AND I met Bow Wow. Both in the same night.” 


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