Most Craved Does Nostalgia TV | Which Old Shows Deserve a Revival?

Nostalgia TV isn’t just for nostalgic people anymore. Reviving old television series, often with the original creators and cast members, is becoming a regular staple in popular culture. The X-Files is already back, and Twin PeaksMystery Science Theater 3000Samurai JackFull House, and now Gilmore Girls are on their way to your television sets as well. What’s next? Murder, She Tweeted?

Well, maybe. This week on Most Craved, William Bibbiani (Crave) and Jenna Busch (Legion of Leia) are taking a look at the nostalgia TV phenomenon and suggesting a slew of excellent old series that might benefit from a revival, as opposed to a reboot. Some of their picks might surprise you. All of their picks are, if we do say so ourselves, completely awesome.

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