Comic-Con 2017 | The 15 Most Anticipated Movie Panels

Comic-Con is a time for audiences of all kinds to get together and share their mutual love of awesome stuff. But it’s also an event that is constantly evolving, with some art forms getting more attention than others, then that paradigm shifting in even more unexpected directions.

Case in point: the actual “comics” at Comic-Con are pretty hard to find nowadays, because movies took priority at the convention for many years. But now the movies themselves are getting pushed out by television shows, which – unlike upcoming films – have an existing fanbase. The passion for Game of Thrones and Strangers Things isn’t theoretical. The passion for something like, say, Justice League is based on optimism, and could turn sour once we actually see the thing.

But just because there are fewer movie panels this year, and just because only three of the major studios have presentations at all, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of exciting panels for film lovers at Comic-Con 2017. We’ve got previews, retrospectives, screenings and interviews and exciting debates about the state of the art form and industry. If you love movies and you’re in San Diego this weekend, these are the panels you need to put on your “must see” list.

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20th Century Fox

Time: Thursday, July 20, 11:00am

Location: Hall H

20th Century Fox kicks off Comic-Con’s biggest movie panels with an early presentation, focused primarily on Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Matthew Vaughn’s follow-up to his popular action comedy. Cast members Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and Pedro Pascal will be in attendance along with screenwriter Jane Goldman and Kingsman co-creator Dave Gibbons. It’s possible that 20th Century Fox will slip in some announcements about their other big franchises, but don’t put all your eggs in that basket. The panel is only one hour long so if you’re not a big fan of Kingsman, it might not be worth going to this on the small off-chance that they also drop some X-Men news.



Warner Bros.

Time: Thursday, July 20, 2:15pm

Location: Room 6BCF

The live-action DC Extended Universe is only just getting started, but Warner Bros. animation has been putting out high quality superhero movies for ten whole years. Thirty feature films, five short films, and more talent than you can shake a bag of swag at. This panel will bring the producers of these exceptional movies together, along with writers, actors and other talented craftspersons who made films like Batman: The Dark Knight ReturnsWonder Woman and Justice League: War possible.




Time: Thursday, July 20, 3:15pm

Location: Hall H

Netflix has panels for all their big television shows, but their movies are getting increasingly ambitious too. This summer the American remake of the Japanese manga/anime Death Note is heading to a streaming device near you, and next fall Netflix’s most ambitious movie yet – a fantasy epic cop film starring Will Smith and directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad) – premieres as well. Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace and David Ayer will be on hand to answer your questions, as will the folks responsible for this new version of Death Note.



Warner Bros.

Time: Thursday, July 20, 4:15pm

Location: Room 6A

The cast and filmmakers behind Batman: Mask of the Phantasm – an animated, theatrical release that was once considered the best Batman movie ever (or at least, it was by certain, very smart people) – are united to celebrate the classic film and talk about the long-awaited Blu-ray release. Bruce Timm and Kevin Conroy are just two of the guests who will be on hand to tell stories and answer questions.




Time: Thursday, July 20, 10:00pm

Location: Horton Grand Theatre

After the Netflix panel you may want to head on over the Horton Grand Theatre and check out the debut of a Netflix Original Movie, which is being kept as a surprise but will probably be either Death Note or Bright… and probably Death Note, since it’s coming out next month and is probably closer to being finished. It’s a rare opportunity to see a Netflix original movie in a theater with a crowd of like-minded geeks. You might not want to miss out.



Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for TCM

Time: Friday, July 21, 1:30pm

Location: Horton Grand Theatre

Some of the most exciting voices in film criticism join forces for a panel celebrating female voices in the entertainment industry, and giving out advice about how to become a film journalist and filmmaker. Alicia Malone, the author of the new book Backwards and in Heels, will moderate the panel, which will also feature Jacqueline Coley (Black Girl Nerds), Angie Han (Mashable), Aisha Harris (Slate), Rachel Heine (Nerdist), Amy Nicholson (MTV, The Canon Podcast), Melissa Silverstein (Women and Hollywood), and Jen Yamato (LA Times)



New Line Cinema

Time: Friday, July 21, 7:oopm

Location: Room 28DE

Gay representation in the horror genre is a significant subject, but one that has been complicated by many years of allegories and subtexts. The Queer Fear panel will take a closer look at your favorite genre and analyze the gay horror genre, its place against the horror landscape, and the politics inherent to the very concept. We need more great horror panels at Comic-Con, and this sounds like one of the year’s most promising.



Warner Bros.

Time: Friday, July 21, 7pm & 9:30pm (Encore Showing)

Location: Ballroom 20

The DC Universe gets bigger this year with the release of an all-new animated movie starring Batman and Harley Quinn, in which these two mortal enemies are forced to team up. It sounds like an old episode of Batman: The Animated Series, but dang it, that was one of the BEST episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, so we’re totally excited to see more. There are two showings of Batman and Harley Quinn, just in case you miss one or – god forbid – decide to eat dinner at some point.



20th Century Fox / Screenjunkies

Time: Friday, July 21, 9:15pm

Location: Room 6DE

One of the liveliest YouTube channels in the world is coming to Comic-Con, and it’s going to be a doozy. The makers of Honest Trailers and Movie Fights will on-hand with exclusive new content, Q&A’s and probably a whole lot more. They’re funny people and you’ll almost definitely have a good time watching them do their schtick onstage.



Warner Bros.

Time: Saturday, July 22, 11:30am

Location: Hall H

The Warner Bros. presentation is either going to be Comic-Con’s biggest event, or the biggest possible let down. After some early stumbles, the DC Extended Universe of superhero movies finally seems to be on track, with audiences flocking to theaters to see Wonder Woman, and more curious than ever about what’s coming next. But what IS coming next? Warner Bros. has a lot of question marks on their upcoming slate of films, and although we know they have a lot of superhero movies in development, very few of those movies have directors, a complete cast or even official release dates. So expect either a TON of big news or a whole lot of muttered curse words under the audience’s collective breath, as the studio either gives us everything we wanted… or sends us home wanting more.

Oh yeah, and films like the new Blade Runner and Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One will be there as well. They’re kind of a big deal too.



Warner Bros.

Time: Saturday, July 22, 11:30am

Location: 5AB

The only panel that can possibly compete with Warner Bros. is the other Warner Bros.! While the new movies are taking the stage in Hall H, the Warner Archive and Trailers from Hell will be celebrating the studio’s vast backlog of awesome monster movies and which of those genre classics are finally coming out on home video. It’s a treat for anyone who loves old movies, and isn’t sure they’re going to like all these new ones (which should be a lot more of us, if you think about it).



Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Athena Film Festival

Time: Saturday, July 22, 1:00pm

Location: Room 23ABC

More than half of the human beings on the planet are women, but only a very small fraction are directors. It’s a messed up industry in a lot of ways, and we all have a LONG way to go before we overcome the double standards and biases that are holding us back. Fortunately we have panels like this one, with a cavalcade of impressive female directors who will be on hand to share their stories and answer your questions. Guests include Kirsten Schaffer (executive director, Women in Film LA), Tina Mabry (writer/producer/director, Queen Sugar, Queen of the South), Rosemary Rodriguez (writer/director, Silver Skies; director, Jessica Jones, The Walking Dead), Victoria Mahoney (director, Queen Sugar, Gypsy, American Crime), Aurora Guerrero (writer/director, Mosquita y Mari; director, Queen Sugar), Angela Robinson (writer/director, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, True Blood), and Gina Prince-Bythewiid (writer/director, Love & Basketball, Beyond the Lights).



Focus Features

Time: Saturday, July 22, 2:00pm

Location: Hall H

Charlize Theron kicks so much ass that she’s got Hall H all to herself this year, in a panel dedicated to her life and career. The star of Mad Max: Fury RoadThe Fate of the FuriousMonster and now Atomic Blonde will be there in all of her glory. Don’t miss it.




Time: Saturday, July 22, 3:00pm

Location: Horton Grand Theatre

Mystery Science Theater 3000 may be a television series, but it’s also a presentation service for weird, obscure, cheap and often truly awful movies that might otherwise have never found an audience. The cast and crew of the newly reinvigorated Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be there to talk about the amazing new season, and what’s to come in the future for MST3K.



Marvel Studios

Time: Saturday, July 22, 5:30pm

Location: Hall H

The last big panel for movie-lovers at Comic-Con 2017 promises to be a doozy. Marvel Studios is coming back to Hall H and they’ve got a ton of exciting movies in production and development, and they’re almost guaranteed to show new footage from Thor: RagnarokBlack Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. They may also have some big announcements to make about upcoming films, but let’s be honest here, Disney just had a HUGE presentation at their very own D23, and they probably weren’t holding a lot back. Go for the exclusive clips and the engaging conversations with the Marvel moviemakers and stars, and don’t be disappointed if they don’t blow your minds with all kinds of new announcements.

Top Photo: Warner Bros.

William Bibbiani (everyone calls him ‘Bibbs’) is Crave’s film content editor and critic. You can hear him every week on The B-Movies Podcast and Canceled Too Soon, and watch him on the weekly YouTube series What the Flick. Follow his rantings on Twitter at @WilliamBibbiani.


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