Video Game in Which You Play an Abusive Father Beating Your Child Removed from Steam

Steam Greenlight is frequently a breeding ground for turgid video games, but Daddy of the Year is arguably the most vile creation that has slithered its way onto the service, and was seemingly deemed so flagrantly offensive that Steam have saw fit to remove it from the platform.

The game is essentially a twist on the concept laid out by Who’s Your Daddy, which saw you trying to save your infant child by baby-proofing your home while they attempted to off themselves, but instead places you in control of an abusive, alcoholic father violently taking out his anger issues on his family. 

The trailer for the game sees the “Daddy of the Year” beating his child with a chair, while text-based dialogue appears at the bottom of the screen, the player-character telling his son to “BE A MAN, YOU FUCKER!!!!” “STOP FUCKING CRYING!!!!” and “here’s what the life truelly is, you cunt [sic].” 

The now-removed description for the game is somehow even more troubling, reading:”You have a terrible job? You come home drunk every night? Your kid is a loser at school? Then we have a solution for you! Seat of the trouble is your family and all you need is to “teach them some manners!”.

“You play as drunk and very angry dad in the dysfunctional family. You come home drunk again and your goal is to destroy your flat, find every member of your family and beat the **** out of them before your alcohol level reaches zero!”

Perhaps tellingly, the game’s developer also cites one of its features as a “Damn naughty son, just like in real life.” The description also refers to the father’s actions as being a result of him trying to teach his family “some manners.” Unsurprisingly, it seems that Valve wanted to distance themselves from the game, with its Steam Greenlight page being removed.

You can watch the trailer below, though it comes with a pretty obvious content warning: