Is EA Sports Bringing Back ‘NCAA Football??’

Is EA Sports in the process of trying to resurrect their NCAA Football franchise? Gamers are on their knees tossing up countless Hail Marys hoping so.

The interwebs exploded over the hint there could be a new game in the future after EA Sports made this post prefacing the Alabama vs. Clemson National Championship game Monday night.  

Our heart still beats for the big game... #NationalChampionship

Posted by EA SPORTS NCAA Football on Monday, January 11, 2016

Cryptic or just acknowledging the excitement for the big game?

Here is just a sliver of the comments that resulted in the post.

EA Sports and the NCAA just settled a $60 million lawsuit with a former NCAA basketball player regarding the use of players' likenesses in video games, something that had already been done with professional football but not collegiately since players aren't allowed to market themselves are receive compensation.

SportsGamersOnline has a good breakdown of the case. But in a nutshell, if EA Sports and the NCAA are willing to do it the right way from now on, there could be more games on the horizon. The NCAA would just have to finally allow players to let the game use their likeness. 

There's a ton of money to be made here by every party involved. Of course EA Sports knows this. Hopefully there's a new game sooner rather than later. 

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.