Best Bars In Miami

Miami is one of the nightlife capitals of the world. South Beach alone would make Miami a mecca of nightlife action, and when it comes to bars they’ve got a bit of everything. No matter what your drink of choice – from craft beer to mojitos or rum drinks – you’re sure to find it in Miami.

In addition to a wide variety of specialties and themes, Miami also features just about any type of ambiance you might hope to find in a city this size. Dive bars, live music spots, sports bars to watch The Heat, Panthers, Marlins or Dolphins, or fancier and more upscale bars at some of the hotels in the tourist zone are all available to the discerning connoisseur of fine wine and spirits… or, crappy beer. We won’t judge.

Best Bars in Miami

The Mighty

The Mighty Miami Bar


The Mighty is a bar and restaurant, which becomes more of a bar crowd as the night goes on. The food is great, but the beer selections are what The Mighty is most known for. On Tuesdays during the summer, you can grab $2 beer, $3 sliders, and their delicious $2 tropical punch.

Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain Miami

Photo: Gil Bitton/Ball & Chain.

Ball & Chain is a great bar just about every night, and on nights when they feature live music, this Little Havana mainstay is a must-see. Inside you’ll find the typical Cuban faire such as rum drinks, mojitos, and even a fairly decent beer selection of both domestic and import varieties. If you’re hungry, they have small plate tapas-style dining that never fails to satisfy.

Lilt Lounge

Lilt Lounge Miami Bar


This one is a little odd, as some nights you’ll have live jazz music, or recorded jazz playing over the interior sound system. Other nights, Lilt Lounge features a DJ, which seems out of place, but with the quality of the drinks and the overall atmosphere and vibe of the place, the fusion between new and old actually works. The drinks are mainly of the cocktail variety, but the bartender is adept at creating just about anything from an outstanding Mai Tai to a Dewars and soda. They have bottled beer as well, so no matter what you’re drinking, they’re serving it.

BrewskiS South Miami

BrewskiS South Miami


BrewskiS is more of a dive bar-type attraction, but it’s a must-see for the beer drinker. The selection of microbrews as well as larger imports and domestics is nothing short of amazing. They don’t offer food, but it is available close by. Besides, with a beer selection like that, who wants to waste the stomach space on food anyway?

Vinos in the Grove

Vinos in the Grove

Photo: Vinos in the Grove FaceBook

Vinos is, well, a wine bar. It features fancy cheese platters, olives, cured meats to cure your appetite and some of the best wine selections in all of Florida in order to quench your thirst. Vinos also offers live music some nights, and while the price is a bit higher than a lot of the bars in the area, if it’s wine you desire, then this is definitely the spot for you.

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