New York Comic Con 2015 | Lauren Cohan on The Walking Dead Season 6!

Maggie Greene may have been born a farmer’s daughter, but she is so much more than that on The Walking Dead.

Lauren Cohan joined The Walking Dead in its second season as Maggie, and her role on the show has gradually increased. Now, Maggie is one of the leading characters on The Walking Dead!

During New York Comic Con, Cohan was a featured guest of Courtyard and she was also present for the world premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6 at Madison Square Garden. In the fifth season, Maggie’s group of survivors reached the Alexandria safe zone and she quickly found a role as an assistant to Deanna, the leader of the community. But tensions between Rick and the Alexandrians remains high.

“I can say my favorite Maggie [season 6] moment involved a cable, great heights and feeling a little bit like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.” – Lauren Cohan

Ahead of Sunday’s sixth season premiere of The Walking Dead, CraveOnline caught up with Cohan and she teased what’s coming up for Maggie and whether she will retain her position with Deanna. Cohan also tells us how familiar she was about Maggie’s role before she accepted the part and she reveals how much of the sixth season has been filmed before hinting at her favorite moment for Maggie in the upcoming season.

Cohan also explained what she was doing with Courtyard at New York Comic Con, and spoke about The Boy, her new horror movie. Additionally, Cohan speaks about meeting Maggie cosplayers and reveals which Walking Dead character she would want to cosplay as.

The Walking Dead Season 6 will premiere on October 11. Cohan’s new movie, The Boy will be released in January.

Photo Credit: CraveOnline