Brace Yourself: Nirvana’s Unreleased Demo ‘E Coli’ Is an Unlistenable Mess, Not a Song

Another unreleased Nirvana demo has surfaced in advance of the much-hyped “Cobain solo album” music we’ll hear this Fall as part of the Montage of Heck soundtrack

The good news? It’s real, and previously unheard. The bad news? There’s a perfectly good reason for that: it absolutely sucks balls. Remember the endearing apocalyptic catchiness of “Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip”? Yeah, this is nothing at all like that. A cacophony of dissonance and crashing randomness awaits…

Get your listens in while you can, ’cause this shit is getting pulled down faster than underpants in the Ex-Lax sponsored chili cookoff bathroom.