Ten 2015 World Series Matchups We All Want To See

We are down to the season’s final stretch. There’s roughly 40 games of baseball remaining and any team that is going to be in the playoffs needs to be near the top of the mix .

Now is the fun time. The time when we can start salivating at potential World Series matchups. I know I have.

Here are the real potential series’ that have me most excited.

Rematch Old School Series – Royals vs. Cardinals (pictured above)

Imagine a rematch of one of the greatest World Series of the 80’s, the 1985 “Show Me Series” a.k.a. the “I-70 Showdown Series”. It has been 30 years and five pennants but Redbird Nation still has bitter memories of umpire Don Denkinger’s blown call in game 6 and they would love to avenge. On the other hand, the Royals would love a chance to take their bigger brother down a peg and remind them of that 11-0 game 7.

All Canada Series – Blue Jays vs Expos (Now Nationals)

It will be a bittersweet Fall Classic if Washington takes on Toronto as the Nationals were once in Montreal. If we squint hard enough we can see the first “World” Series involving two non-US cities. This would also make a fun series with explosive offensives and raucous fan bases that have waited too long for a title… and would be a first for the Nationals.

Hacking Scandal Series – Astros vs. Cardinals

Earlier this season, there was high drama and intrigue whereupon some Cardinals employees allegedly hacked into the Houston computers and maybe, possibly, potentially were behind the embarrassing leaked emails detailing all of Houston’s trade strategies. As the federal probe works in the background, a Cards-Astros World Series would be front and center. It will be one of the few times where a non-Yankees team is full-on painted as the bad guy in the narrative. A rarity for Cardinal Nation. For a super bonus, the teams are old NL Central rivals and went head-to-head in 2004 and 2005, battling out a pair of the most memorable NLCS’ in recent memory.

Rematch World Series – Royals vs. Giants

What made the Godfather, Rocky, and Star Wars even better? A sequel.

Let’s lace up the gloves and have San Francisco and Kansas City duke it out in a rematch. Can the Giants luck (and by luck, we mean complete and utter Madison Bumgarner dominance part deux) their way from Wild Card to World Series champs yet again? Only one way to find out.

On second thought, that’s a horrible idea. Of course, they’ll luck, er Bumgarner, their way into another well timed hot streak. We can’t stomach that intuition, after all this is an odd year (Giants have won WS in ’10, ’12 & ’14).

Seriously, this would be awesome if the Royals win. If the Giants win, more like Go Set a Watchman – a sequel no one wanted except those involved.

MVP Series – Nationals vs. Angels

It is uncommon that an MVP plays in the World Series. It is downright rare for both leagues’ MVP to make it all the way to the World Series. It happened in 1980 with Mike Schmidt and George Brett, and let me tell you folks, that was awesome. It can happen again. Bryce Harper and Mike Trout are virtual locks at MVP this year. This has all the makings of an epic showdown. Sure, it is a team sport, but the narrative would be awesome and talked about for years.

New Golden Age – Astros vs. Cubs

We are entering a new golden age of baseball with some of the best incoming freshman and sophomores under 25. The Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa-lead young teams would be the official ushering-in of this new age. Plus there is a bonus of one team never having won the World Series against one that has a little 100+ year drought going.

Old School Series – Yankees vs. Giants or Dodgers

The ex in-city rivals of New York City, would make for some great back-drop. A new generation of baseball fans can hear tales of the legends of New Amsterdam. Mays. Ruth. Reese. Jackie. Gehrig. While I personally love rooting for teams that have never won a World Series, I love the historic rivalries even more.

New Rivals Series – Orioles vs Pirates

Neither the Orioles or Pirates have a rival to speak of in the opposite league. A rivalry based on football could spill over as both teams try to break 30+ years of World Series droughts. The last time the Pirates won the Series in 1979, they did so against a good Orioles squad, and it took the full seven games. With both being underdogs this year, a run to the Series would bring many casual fans aboard.

Arms vs. Bats – Mets vs. Blue Jays

The New York Mets have a rotation that has drawn comparisons to the 1990’s Atlanta Braves with Harvey, deGrom, Syndergaard, and probably a returning Matz. Up North, the Blue Jays have a historic offense that is on the cusp of breaking season records. The Mets offense has huge holes and concerns that is matched only by Toronto’s porous staff. Each night of the World Series would be guaranteed suspense.

“Back to the Future” Series – Cubs vs. Anyone

Seriously, when these playoffs hit 88 mph, we’re going to see some serious shit. There isn’t anyone outside of St. Louis who wouldn’t watch with great anxiousness to see if the Cubs can replicate “Back to the Future” and win the World Series after 107 long years. Even to see them fail would bring eyeballs.

Brian Reddoch is a CraveOnline reporter and rabid fan of all teams Seattle. You can follow him on Twitter @ReddReddoch or “like” CraveOnline Sports on Facebook.

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