Top 10 Albums of The 21st Century… So Far

Popular music has seen a fractal explosion of evolution since the turn of the century. While all art forms shift and grow on their own accord, the new renaissance of artistic expression from the last 15 years has been buoyed by the juxtaposition of our pre-millennial dreams of flying cars and unlimited opportunity in the digital era, with the post-9/11 hyperawareness and inextricable hive-mind immersion through the rise of smartphones and social media. 

In other words, we’ve adopted a new, nearly forensic critical analysis of music and its relevance in the cultural zeitgeist. Inspired by the paranoia, neurosis and instant gratification, the very first internet-connected generation in human history is reflected through a wild burst of innovation and expression. Below, we recount ten of the most unforgettable and influential albums of the 21st century thus far – records that have served as milestones and soul-blooming source codes for both fans and future artists alike.


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