Antoine Fuqua Is Bringing Training Day To Television

Antoine Fuqua’s film Training Day cast Ethan Hawke as a rookie cop who received his initiation by a dangerously corrupt veteran, Detective Alonzo Harris as played by Denzel Washington. Critics and audiences praised Washington’s performance as Harris, and it led to his Oscar win for Best Actor at the 2002 Academy Awards.

Deadline is reporting that Fuqua is adapting Training Day for television in conjunction with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Warner Bros. TV. All four of the major broadcast networks are said to be interested in the Training Day TV series, which will be written by Will Beall. Additionally, Fugua is attached to direct the potential pilot episode and executive produce the series.

Beall is a particularly inspired choice to update Training Day, as he was a LAPD Detective before transitioning into a career as a screenwriter on Castle and the feature film, Gangster Squad.

The Training Day TV series may also flip the races of the two cops, with the older veteran being a Caucasian and the rookie cop a black man. The series would also expand on the relationship between the two in a longer form storyline than the film’s running time allowed.

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