Ronda Rousey Will Star As Herself In ‘My Fight/Your Fight’

Fresh off her astounding 34-second fight with Bethe Correia this weekend, Ronda Rousey looks set to emerge victorious over Hollywood. The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion is set to play herself in My Fight/Your Fight, a new drama based on Rousey’s own best-selling autobiography.

It’s the first serious dramatic role for Rousey, who previously co-starred in The Expendables 3Furious 7 and most recently Entourage, in which she already played a fictionalized version of herself. Thus far the mixed martial arts champion has mostly been relegated to supporting roles, and frankly emerged as one of the best parts of each of those films so far. But capturing her own life story is another game entirely, and could potentially be the perfect opportunity for Ronda Rousey to become a proper Hollywood star, if My Fight/Your Fight turns out as well as Eight Mile, better than Get Rich or Die Tryin’, or a LOT better than Space Jam.

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Variety reports that My Fight/Your Fight is being written for Paramound Pictures by Mark Bomback, whose credits include a couple of good movies (Dawn of the Planet of the ApesThe Wolverine) and a lot of bad ones (GodsendLive Free or Die Hard, the 2012 remake of Total Recall). So this could go either way. No word yet on which director will take on Ronda Rousey on set, but considering that Rousey punched her Expendables 3 director so hard he thought he broke a rib, they had better be on their guard.

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