Ronda Rousey’s “Promise Ring” Draws Ire From Jealous Ex

The internet took notice of a fancy new rock Ronda Rousey was sporting during her Saturday Night Live appearance last week. Of those taking notice was fitness model Jenna Renee Webb, the estranged wife of Rousey’s current boyfriend, UFC fighter Travis Browne. 

So what’s the beef? Not only are Browne and Webb technically still married (finalizing a divorce), Webb claims that Browne was a domestic abuser.

Webb also posted this meme, saying, “When he hits you across your pretty face, don’t worry I’ll be right here to say #IToldYouSo,” all of which has since been deleted. 

Rousey’s reps have reportedly denied if her ring is legit (of course). But Rousey did post the following to her Instagram just days after Webb’s online jabs. Metaphor for Webb or just a favorite Rocky quote before her next fight? Both?? Hmmm…..

Browne has reportedly said he’s never “laid a hand on Webb.” It won’t be shocking when we all learn this is a publicity stunt orchestrated by Webb in order to grab a tiny slice of the spotlight from Rousey’s media circus. I didn’t know who Webb was until today. I have a feeling I’ll forget who she is tomorrow. 

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Photo: Getty