Lollapalooza Evacuated Due to Severe Weather Warning

In what is unfortunately becoming tradition, Lollapalooza organizers have decided to temporarily evacuate the festival grounds and suspend all activities on site until further notice due to a severe weather warning. Which is a real bummer, because we were really looking forward to hanging out with some hungover Midwestern metalheads after last night’s Metallica throwdown

Festivalgoers are being urged to seek shelter until the impending storm clears up. We thought the Windy City was particularly windy today.

Lollapalooza organizers have issued this statement:

Due to an approaching storm and warnings from the National Weather Service (NWS), Lollapalooza organizers have suspended the festival for a short period.  Festival-goers are being evacuated from Grant Park and are being directed by staff and the Chicago Police Department to pre-established underground evacuation and shelter sites along Michigan Avenue.

The three emergency evacuation shelters are the Grant Park North, Grant Park South and Millennium Lakeside Garages.  All can be entered through vehicle entrances on Michigan Avenue.

Lollapalooza officials are continuing to coordinate with the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) to monitor weather conditions and determine when the park is safe for festival-goers to return.

“Our first priority is always the safety of our fans, staff and artists,” said Sandee Fenton, director of publicity for C3 Presents, the promoter behind Lollapalooza. “We regret having to suspend any show, but safety always comes first.”

More information will be posted at

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Photo: Johnny Firecloud