Watch This Spot-On Parody Of Zac Efron’s New DJ Movie ‘We Are Your Friends’


We Are Your Friends — that’s the forthcoming Zac Efron-starring film about DJs — has already seen its fair share of criticism, but, really, that’s just going to continue. Now, a completely on-point redub of the film’s trailer has made its way online, and it’s oh so beautiful.

Joman and Allie Janisch’s “accurate trailer” interpretation of We Are Your Friends (below) does away with the original trailer’s nonsense, and replaces it with the harsh, honest truth.

Basically, Zac Efron’s character, Cole, thinks he’s “the shit”. He wears his ridiculously large headphones way too much, pops molly on the reg, and knows how to press play pretty darn well. He and his buddies like to wrestle, buy their own views on YouTube and play with action figurines.

So how do the film’s inherently wealthy 20-somethings attain the lavish lifestyle of a famous DJ? “All you need is a laptop, some talent, and one track written by a ghostwriter that you don’t have to pay shit,” says the movie’s most accurate trailer to date, which also features a 12-year-old big-room house producer and a very confused Cole.

There’s a happy ending, though, with Efron’s character admitting (WARNING: SPOILER), “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

We Are Your Friends is expected to be released into the wild this August. Catch the film’s “accurate trailer” in full, below, and our complete breakdown of the ins, outs and idiocies of the original trailer right here.