The Censors Went Crazy During Kanye West’s Billboard Awards Performance

Who ever was in charge of the censor button for the broadcast of today’s Billboard Music Awards went a little nuts when Kanye West hit the stage, leaving most of his set filled with extended moments of complete silence, prompting viewers at home to wonder whether their TV sets were broken.

Doctor Kanye West took to the stage to perform both new song “All Day”, from his upcoming album,Swish and Yeezus track “Black Skinhead”, but between the trigger-happy censor and the crazy amount of pyrotechnics, the whole thing was both hard to hear and difficult to see. At least for us at home. J.Lo seemed to be into it.

According to BillboardKanye was also booed during the song’s intro and at the end of his set.

The 20 or so words you can actually hear are pretty great though, even if you’re not sure what’s happening behind the explosions. Check out the heavily-censored, fire-filled footage below. 



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