Cassey Ho: Fitness Blogger Strips Down, Goes Viral


Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, if you haven’t seen Cassey Ho’s viral video, you’re missing what’s quickly becoming a transcendent piece of art meant for a generation that needs a change in how we view our bodies. 

The video was produced by a team of people that use enough effects you would think you’re watching a Marvel film. 

The point of this video is to show that many people’s harsh judgements are completely irrational. 

Before you watch Cassey transform her body based on what trolls would like to see, here’s what she had to say in her latest post:

“I’m so happy that many of you clicked over to watch my short film when you saw my new “perfect” body. You experienced the most powerful video I have ever created. You saw me strip down my confidence and self esteem. You saw me raw. Hurt. And vulnerable.”

She also added: 

“I wanted to post again because there was a weird phenomenon that happened when I posted this photoshopped picture. On the very same photo, I got some people praising me and others degrading me.

What worries me is this: 1. That some people think this is real and that it should be “goals.” 2. That some people still think it’s not good enough.

It’s tough knowing what’s real and what’s not when magazine covers and music videos are photoshopped (yes, music videos), Instagram pics are photoshopped, and so many women are getting surgery. How are we to know what kind of beauty can be naturally achieved when everything around us is so deceiving?”

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports