Vinyl Revival: Berlin’s Dodo Beach Pick Their Top 5 Record Store Day Exclusives


The first Record Store Day began in the US in 2008 as an informal celebration, hosted by a loose coalition of independent music retailers in order to celebrate their own stores’ continuing survival in the face of a shrinking physical record-buying public, and to honor the special role each store plays in its respective community. Exclusive vinyl releases, in-store performances, art-shows, and other events engage both patrons and artists as business owners come together to publicize the ongoing cultural impact of the independent music store.

In Germany, Berlin in particular, the music-retail landscape differs greatly from that of the US or UK in that the typical, smaller independent record store has been able to rely on a devoted, loyal customer base and a record-buying culture that has largely shielded it from some of the economic realities threatening their American or British counterparts. A beloved and dedicated vinyl-heavy techno scene, pedestrian-friendly shopping neighborhoods, lower commercial rents, and minimal competition from the corporate chains have allowed many smaller stores to survive and thrive in Berlin. Nonetheless, the local stores here enthusiastically join the annual party, and stage their own unique celebration of the independent record store.

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Trinity Music is a local concert promotion firm that has its roots in the early Berlin punk scene and Nirvana’s first Berlin shows, but has since grown to host large events such as Bob Dylan performing in the grounds of a well-preserved castle on the West edge of town. Two years ago, a small retail space became available next door to the offices from which Trinity Music operate and sell their tickets. Thomas Spindler, founder and boss at Trinity, saw this space as an opportunity to involve himself on the side of the music industry where he first got his start: independent record buying and selling. His beloved Dodo Beach record store was thus born.


Through promotion of many international touring artists and local shows alike, and a knowledgeable staff adept at sourcing the best independent music, Dodo Beach quickly established itself as the HQ for Record Store Day festivities. While the selection at the store skews towards the classic rock & roll cannon, a brief polling of the Dodo Beach staff revealed an exciting and diverse list of upcoming Record Store Day exclusives: 

Top 5 Record Store Day Exclusive Releases

Slayer – When The Stillness Comes / Black Magic –  7” Picture Disc.


McClusky – McCluskyism LP – Available on Vinyl for first time ever.


Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else Remixes LP


Jurassic 5 – Quality Control Wood Box Edition – Quadruple vinyl release, 24-page book included. 


Roxy Music – Ladytron 10”



Portrait of Dodo Beach crew by Tania Castellví via Exberliner.