User Made: These 5 GTA V PC Videos Show the Powerful Editor in Action

While the graphics of Grand Theft Auto V‘s PC version are what many have been talking about before release, its platform-exclusive Editor is what has become the star of the post-launch show. Using the feature, PC gamers are able to record videos with film-like qualities by customizing their surroundings, adding one of a variety of filters to the camera, and then controlling the camera.

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It’s been only a few hours since Grand Theft Auto V PC launched on PC, but there are already a bunch of awesome videos. More than anything, they offer a glimpse into why this is going to be a popular feature. Below are some of the best we’ve seen so far.

This would make a great D.A.R.E. commercial. Franklin needs rehabilitation.

They never stood a chance. Barbara is a monster.

This is the first GTA V Editor video ever made, and certainly the highest quality one made so far.

Poor Kitty

Not every video has a good ending.

The camera work makes this robbery and getaway intense.