John Travolta Was Incredibly Creepy at the Oscars 2015

John Travolta appeared to spend the majority of his evening at the Oscars sauntering around the building attempting to make everyone in his general vicinity as awkward as humanly possible, and to be fair to him, he achieved that feat with ease. 

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If it wasn’t the red carpet photos of him clinging to Scarlett Johansson like a sexually frustrated leech that made you cringe, then it was almost certainly the Vulcan mind meld he attempted to apply on Idina Menzel who, to her credit, managed to refrain from pepper spraying him and made the situation slightly less awkward than it had any right to be.

Skip 40 seconds into the video below to see Travolta fail to grasp the concept of personal space:

The uncomfortable moment was intended to be a light-hearted jab at Travolta making a tit out of himself last year when he flubbed Menzel’s introduction, referring to her as “the wickedly talented Adele Danzeem.” Unfortunately Travolta took it upon himself to make an even bigger tit out of himself this year with public display of unsolicited affection. Who knows what he’ll get up to next year? Maybe he’ll get onstage and start licking the faces of any actresses who stumble into his path.

It’s quite impressive that a man who starred in Battlefield Earth is able to find ways to further humiliate himself, but Travolta’s certainly got a knack for making you want to hide behind your couch whenever he shows his face. Here he is trying to suck the life out of Scarlett Johansson again: 

And here is making himself feel at home on the commercial spacecraft Nostromo:

We can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve next year. Hopefully it’s not a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Photos: Getty Images


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