Super Bowl XLIX: Craziest Ending Ever?

It wasn’t “the drive,” but if you think about what transpired during the final minutes of the Patriots’ Super Bowl win over the Seahawks Sunday night, it very well could have been the most exciting — and craziest — ending to a Super Bowl, ever.

Let’s do a recap.

#1 Brady puts up 14

It all began with Tom Brady and the Patriots down 10 points in the fourth quarter. After two TD passes, one to Danny Amendola and the other to Julian Edelman with just 2:02 left to play, New England find themselves up 28-14. 

Now it’s time for Russell Wilson & Beast Mode & Co. to respond.

#2 Jermaine Kearse makes the luckiest catch in Super Bowl history 

Nuff said. You can’t deny.

The 33-yard play put the Seahawks within 5 yards of their second consecutive Super Bowl championship. 1st and 10, one minute to go … If Seattle wins this game, this play goes down as one of the best plays in SB history.

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#3 The interception

2nd and Goal on the 1-yard line, all the ‘Hawks have to do is hand it off to Beast Mode for the TD. Instead Malcolm Butler intercepts a Wilson pass, essentially ending the game.

Emotions then erupt …

#4 The fight

With the ball on the Patriots’ 1-yard line, if the Seahawks force a safety, they could still win the game. Instead, a fight breaks out, instigated by Bruce Irvin, who is ejected.

#5 Patriots win 28-24

Tom Brady: 4 TDS, 328 yards (2 INTs) . He joins Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana as the only three QBs to win 4 Super Bowl titles. 

It looks like he is so happy he could kiss teammate Julian Edelman. It’s aight, I would too.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.

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