Geographer Packs the House at the El Rey in Los Angeles

There are only two words that can properly describe the Geographer show last night at the El Rey in West Hollywood – “Trust Fall”. 

The reason it must be these two words, and only these two words, is because lead singer Michael Deni executed a flawless trust fall into the crowd to create the type of climactic experience artists only dream of creating during live performances. This trust fall represented the deep connection forged between the band and the audience last night, the excitement and anticipation of the fans, and the showmanship of a truly great performer. 

Maybe it was the way his voice gave all the girls in the crowd goosebumps, or the way he effortlessly transitioned between guitar, saxaphone and percussion – or maybe it was the unbridled positive energy that you couldn’t help but feel through and through to your bones. In any case, this was the place to be last night and everyone in the crowd and on stage knew it. 

The set list was a perfect combination of uptempo and relaxing, and the band played not only their hits, but a nice mix of b-sides as well as a handfull of tracks from their upcoming album. 

If you haven’t already heard of these guys, chances are you will catch wind of them sooner than later – because the entire group has a ton of talent and they are carving a unique niche for themselves in this indie music ecosystem. Check out “I’m Ready” and some photos of the show last night below.



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