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‘Star Trek 3’ Needs a New Director

Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness screenwriter Robert Orci was all set to make his directorial debut with Star Trek 3. But not anymore. Star Trek 3 needs an all-new director after Orci left the film last week under mysterious circumstances. The studio wants Edgar Wright (The World’s End), but would Wright even sign on if he has to stick to Orci’s screenplay and forgo his own development process in order to meet a 2016 release date? Are there any old school Trek alumni who would be perfect for Star Trek 3? And if the new film isn’t about time travel, what the heck WILL it be about if William Shatner is supposedly on board

Toho Announces a New ‘Godzilla’ Movie

American movie studios have a huge hit on their hands with the new Godzilla franchise, but that’s not going to stop Japan’s Toho Studios from continuing their own Godzilla franchise! The company that made Godzilla famous has just announce that they will produce their first new Godzilla movie in ten years, but will they be able to compete with the giant monster’s Hollywood counterpart? More to the point, can the Hollywood version of Godzilla compete with the version that’s been kicking ass for over 50 years? And will Toho once again take put the American Godzilla in their own movie, and terminate it with extreme prejudice?

Al Pacino in Talks with Marvel Studios – Who Will He Play?

Al Pacino loved Guardians of the Galaxy, and now he’s meeting with Marvel Studios about a possible role in an upcoming superhero movie. That’s bound to be good news for Al Pacino’s career – he’s a great actor but he hasn’t made a great movie in a while – but who should he play? Thanos is taken, we can’t think of any appropriate characters from Captain America: Civil War, but is there a particular Doctor Strange villain he would be just perfect for? Let us play devil’s advocate for a moment, and say Al Pacino should do Devil’s Advocate all over again!



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