Video | Take a Closer Look at the Props of ‘Star Trek Beyond’

One of the best parts of this job is that we get to meet amazing people in the entertainment industry. Sometimes it’s the director of a horror movie that changed the world, sometimes it’s one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, and sometimes it’s the dog from Anchorman. And sometimes it’s the fascinating talent that turns science fiction into reality, like prop master Andrew M. Siegel, the man responsible for the unforgettable tools and trinkets from films like AvatarThe Amazing Spider-Man and now Star Trek Beyond, which is available today on home video.

Andrew M. Siegel dropped by the office recently to show off some the cooler weapons, communicators and costumes from the most recent Star Trek movie, to show us how his job works, what goes into making these fantastic gadgets, and how his job affects the movies you all know and love.

Take a look at the video we posted on our Facebook page. You can also see a shorter version with higher video quality by heading over there right now.

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Top Photo: Paramount Pictures

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