Pumping Iron: Exclusive New Arnold Schwarzenegger Clip

You know him as The TerminatorConan the Barbarian and Commando, but before he was a movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger was Mr. Olympia. Several times, in fact. And the world first met him behind the scenes of the 1975 bodybuilding competition in George Butler and Robert Fiore’s breakout documentary Pumping Iron, a classic of the genre and still one of the most entertaining docs ever made.

Pumping Iron, which showed the 100 days leading up to the landmark competition between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno (“The Incredible Hulk”), has finally premiered for the first time on Digital HD, and it’s coming with special features that have never before been released in America. In this CraveOnline exclusive clip from the feature “Still Pumping,” Arnold Schwarzenegger looks back at how the discipline that won him the Mr. Olympia title became the very thing he needed to become a movie star.


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Pumping Iron is now available from Lionsgate on Digital HD for the first time, and it comes highly recommended by CraveOnline!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumping Iron

From the Press Release:

Witness the rise of international film star and former Mr. Olympian Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron, the critically-acclaimed 1977 documentary that put the world of bodybuilding on the map, and bench pressed Arnold’s career from muscles into movies. Pumping Iron focuses on the intense competition between Schwarzenegger and newcomer Lou Ferrigno, the biggest threat to Arnold’s goal of becoming Mr. Olympia. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumping IronNow available on Digital HD for the first time, fans of Pumping Iron will be introduced to content never-before-released in the US, including “Still Pumping,” featuring newly recorded interviews with ‘The Austrian Oak,’ who talks about what it takes to succeed — both mentally and physically — in the highly competitive world of professional bodybuilding. Also featured is “The Hard Science of Bodybuilding,” with tips from Schwarzenegger and top bodybuilders on how to sculpt your perfect body.


Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this documentary about the 100 days leading up to the 1975 Mr. Olympia contest. Five-time former champion Schwarzenegger is pitted against shy newcomer Lou Ferrigno (TV’s “The Incredible Hulk”) in a showdown that is as mental as it is physical. With psychological warfare, intense determination, trash-talking, and the easy charm that would later catapult Schwarzenegger to stardom, PUMPING IRON changed the world of bodybuilding forever and launched both men’s careers. 

Special Features:

  • Still Pumping: Success in bodybuilding is a mental challenge as well as physical. In these newly recorded interviews, Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about the will power and focus you need to become a champion, and the mental attitude that has shaped his career.
  • TheHard Science of Bodybuilding: Arnold Schwarzenegger and top bodybuilders give insights into the sport of bodybuilding and tips for building the body of your dreams.