Players Push for Dedicated Servers in CoD: Advanced Warfare as Lag Continues to Cripple Game

Activision and Sledgehammer Games are facing a huge backlash from Call of Duty fans right now, as the lag (or rather lag compensation) many are experiencing in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare continues to cripple the multiplayer component of the game.

Earlier this week we reported on how the lag compensation, which will see all players in a game suffering for one player’s poor connection, is turning people off the new game, and how the great core gameplay experience provided by Sledgehammer Games is being ruined due to this problem. Players are now speaking up regarding this issue, taking to a thread posted by Sledgehammer Games’ studio head Michael Condrey on the Advanced Warfare subreddit and pushing for dedicated servers to be introduced to the game, and the franchise as a whole.

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Lag compensation is a problematic issue in Advanced Warfare‘s multiplayer, with it making matches incredibly unbalanced due to each player being forced to compensate for those with poor internet connections. This will often lead to shots not being registered, a crippling issue in a first-person shooter game.

Check out the lag compensation in action below:

Prior to the game’s release plenty of threads were posted on the r/CODAW subreddit asking for dedicated servers, with Michael Condrey bluntly addressing the issue in a Q&A on the site. When asked by a user if dedicated servers will be introduced on the PC or console versions of the game, Condrey simply replied: “yes.” There has still been no timescale on when this will happen, and no official statement from either Activision or Sledgehammer Games.

Lag compensation has always been an issue in Call of Duty games due to Activision’s reluctance to fork out for dedicated servers, though it seems to be a much more common issue in Advanced Warfare. This is unfortunate, as the core game is actually tremendous fun to play – when it’s working properly. 

If Michael Condrey’s confirmation of dedicated servers in Advanced Warfare is to be believed, then hopefully they will be rolled out sooner rather than later.


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