Call of Duty: WWII Prestige – Everything You Need to Know

Image: Activision

Working your way through Prestige in a Call of Duty title is one of the ultimate challenges. Players have grinded their way up the ladder, hitting max rank, and then have to make a tough choice: to stay at the maximum level and keep all of their weapons and unlocks, or to reset their progress in exchange for some small bonuses.

Thanks to the same chap who leaked all of this Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer info, we now have a good idea of what the game’s Prestige mode will entail.

Do note that this is all based on the PC beta files, so some details may have changed once the full release is out.

Sledgehammer Games’ Michael Condrey teased the maximum rank of 55 and 10 levels of Prestige back in June:

As for what will happen if players decide to take the plunge into Prestige, read on for the details:


By Prestiging, you’ll unlock a permanent slot in Class Creation All your weapon levels, challenge progress, and customization will remain.

Show your true dedication to the cause and prestige in front of all your friends.

Start over at Rank 1 having gained a bit of Prestige. You will keep all progress made towards Weapon Levels, Challenges and Customization. In exchange you will receive an Extra Create a Class slot and have access to Prestige Awards.

By entering prestige, you player rank will be reset to 1. Are you sure you want to enter prestige?. All your Division Levels, Weapon Levels, challenge progress and customization will remain.

You must be eligible to prestige in order the enter the Prestige Overlook.

You’ll get an Prestige Unlock Token to permanently unlock items for your loadouts.

You’ll be granted access to a special set of prestige Rewards and Challenges.

Congratulations, Soldier. Command has given you some options for how you’d like to proceed now that you’re prestiged. You may claim one of the following rewards at any time before your next prestige.

Prestige Challenges available at Req Officer.

Prestige Rewards

Class Token Refund

Hard Reset

Guaranteed Rewards

Gun Bench

Get a new custom class slot